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Bergman Law Group Practices

Taxation of Retirement Accounts

The Bergman Law Group main area practice is the taxation of retirement accounts. The Bergman Law Group is one of the only full-service law firms that specialize in the taxation of retirement funds. Whether you are self-employed, retired, or have a full-time job, the use of retirement funds as a retirement and investment vehicle provides a number of very exciting tax and investment opportunities. The use of retirement funds, such as an IRA, Roth IRA, SEP IRA, or 401(k) plan to make investments provides some exciting tax advantages, however, there are a number of potential tax implications that could arise depending on the type of investment involved.

The Bergman Law Group will work with you to develop a customized retirement plan that will allow you to maximize your retirement benefit while at the same time offering you the ability to better diversify your retirement portfolio based on your retirement, tax and investment goals.

Corporate Law

The structure that you adopt for your business can have a significant impact on your company's operations, legal liabilities, compensation, contractual responsibilities, and more. At the Bergman Law Group, we can help you choose whether to operate as a partnership, limited liability company, or corporation. We also can incorporate or form the entity that you select and provide you with advice on day-to-day business matters as they arise.

Corporate Tax

The structure that you adopt for a corporate acquisition, combination, acquisition, or divestiture can have a significant impact on your tax liabilities. The Bergman Law Group can help you understand the numerous corporate tax provisions to develop solutions that are innovative, reliable, tax efficient, and customized to your specific needs. We have significant experience working on complex corporate transactions for large and small businesses in a cross-section of industries.

Employee Benefits, Retirement Plans & ERISA

As an employer or self-employed individual, you want to structure your qualified retirement plan to provide maximum value to employees or yourself at a reasonable cost to your business. Proper design and administration of your plan are critical to your objectives. Above all, you want to ensure that your plan satisfies the complex rules for tax qualification while preserving flexibility to respond to changing needs of your workforce. We help businesses create individual retirement plans, and employee benefit plans that comply with the complex and rapidly changing rules of tax, pension, employment, and securities laws. We help craft these plans so that they provide maximum flexibility and tax-favored benefits to employees, while also imposing the lowest after-tax cost on plan sponsors. After plans are in place, we continue to offer ways to update plans to take full advantage of changes in the legal environment. We have significant experience developing specialized individual retirement account structures that address our clients specific needs, including Self Directed IRA LLC, Self Directed Roth IRA LLC, and Self Directed Real Estate LLC structures. We also have considerable experiencing developing Solo 401(k) Plans and advising our clients on the intricacies involved in such plans, including establishment and loan matters.

Exempt Organizations

Structuring your exempt organization properly is crucial if you want to get and keep tax exemption and the other benefits that come with it, and meet your fiduciary obligations under state charity law. Your tax-exempt status affects all aspects of your organization, including how you raise funds, conduct activities, pay staff, and make investments. At the Bergman Law Group we focus on the special needs of charities and other organizations, helping to get new tax-exempt organizations off to a healthy start and then staying with them as they grow and develop.

General Tax

Tax considerations are present in virtually every business decision you make. Use a corporation or a limited liability company? Finance a new or existing business with equity or debt? Provide incentive compensation to employees at inception or after the business is viable? Hire independent contractors or employees? Buy or lease business property? Use a Self Directed IRA LLC or a Solo 401(k) Plan? The issues are endless, the stakes are often high, and the solutions are often complicated.

The Bergman Law Group has significant experience addressing day-to-day tax questions for clients, big and small, individual and corporate, domestic and foreign. We pride ourselves on having the knowledge and experience to deal with the numerous and complex tax issues that arise in our client's business and personal transactions.

International Tax

If you are planning a cross-border transaction, operation, or investment, you must deal with a complex set of U.S. tax rules. The structure you choose will have both immediate and long-term tax consequences, some of which are indirect and hidden. Your choice of entities can be critical to your success and the "check-the-box" rules offer terrific planning opportunities in an international context. The international context also heightens the importance of careful tax planning because you not only must comply with the complex U.S. tax rules, but you also must address foreign jurisdiction tax rules and the impact of income tax treaties.

At the Bergman Law Group, we have considerable experience structuring international transactions, operations, and investments. We advise taxpayers on tax-efficient structuring of cross-border investments, including optimum use of tax treaties, foreign tax credits, tax deferral, and entity classifications.

Partnership Tax

The structures you choose for conducting your business and financing your operations can dramatically affect your tax obligations.

At the Bergman Law Group, we have experience handling a wide range of tax issues pertaining to the formation of partnerships and limited liability companies, the addition of new members, the sale of partnership interests, partnership operations, the retirement of members, the liquidation of partnerships, and the issuance of partnership interests for services. We have significant experience drafting partnership agreements and limited liability company operating agreements for both small and large entities and understand the complexity of the business and tax issues they address.